The game “Ghost of Tsushima” will be adapted into a movie, and the developers will also participate in the creation


Earlier this year, Sony announced that it would adapt the game “Ghost of Tsushima” into a movie. Currently, the film is in an intense preparatory stage.

In order to keep the film from breaking away from the story and setting of the game, the director of “Ghost of Tsushima” Chad Stahelski specially hired game development staff to participate in the adaptation of the film.

Chad Stahelski said: “We want to put this on the right track. You know how much deviation the game adaptation will have, so we asked them to help us adapt and create the story. We work very closely together. They are the guarantee that the whole movie will not go off-track”.

The game "Ghost of Tsushima" will be adapted into a movie, and the developers will also participate in the creation

Judging from Chad Stahelski’s rhetoric, this time the game adaptation will be faithful and close to the original, and will not run counter to the game.

The story of “Ghost of Tsushima” took place in 1274. At that time, the Japanese samurai was a powerful guardian of Japan, and the Mongols invaded Japan through Tsushima.

The protagonist of the players, Jinjingjin, is a samurai from the Kamakura shogunate. This samurai will do his best to defend his country from the Mongol Empire.

However, when the Mongols easily defeated the warriors, his world was also shattered.

He is faced with the hardest choice in his life: to follow the samurai spirit and traditions he has inherited since his childhood and persist in this hopeless war; or to abandon the samurai way and do whatever it takes to protect the island and his compatriots.

In the summer of 2019, Sony, as a film company, established the PlayStation Productions department to specialize in the development of film and television series adapted from PS games.

Sony Pictures’ CEO Tony Vinciquerra said in an interview that Sony’s various departments will cooperate more closely in the future, including more movies and TV series based on PS game IP.

At present, 3 adapted films and 7 adapted TV series have been put into production.

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