The first season finale of “Moon Knight” has begun! Official exposure of massive stills


The sixth episode of the final episode of the new superhero drama “Moon Knight” was broadcast this afternoon. Friends who are following the drama should not forget to watch the finale. The final chapter has come, and the conspiracy will be ended.

At the same time, the official released a large number of high-definition stills, Steve and Marc with multiple personalities, the journey to explore the power of Egyptian mythology is coming to an end, let’s take a look.

The “Moon Knight” episode stars Oscar Isaac, Ethan Hawke, Lucy Davis, and more.

Moon Knight, whose real name is Marc Spector, was seriously injured by his employer while on a mission in Egypt as a mercenary.

The dying Marc came to an ancient tomb and was resurrected by Khonsu, the moon god of Egyptian mythology. Subsequently, Marc became the agent of Luna and started the heroic career of Moon Knight.

Interested viewers can go to watch.

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