The ending stingers of “Eternals” shocked the audience


The Marvel superhero movie “Eternals” recently held its premiere in North America, and social media comments were lifted.

The praise of “Eternals” focused on ambitious, grand scene, full of humanistic care, and very Chloé Zhao’s style; the negative reviews focused on the slow pace of the first half of the film and too much explanation.

The ending stingers of "Eternals" shocked the audience

The point is, the two easter eggs at the end of “Eternals” shocked the audience.

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“Eternals” will be released in North America on November 5th. Recently, the film has been exposed in a new behind-the-scenes special.

The ending stingers of "Eternals" shocked the audience

Marvel CEO Kevin Feige said that the film carries some of the ideas and directions of the fourth stage of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Director Chloé Zhao said that the choice of real scene shooting is to show the relationship between the character and the real world.

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