“The Cage”:The prequel of “Star Trek” is expected to come out, Warner plans Gene Roddenberry’s documentary


After the famous actor William Alan Shatner of “Star Trek” went into space, the actors and creators of “Star Trek: The Original Series” aroused people’s attention.The creative background of this series is more complicated, “The Cage” is the script name of “Star Trek”.

During the filming process, Paramount Pictures changed the title of this work to “Where No Man Has Gone Before”.

After several twists and turns, this early Hollywood exploration series was renamed “Star Trek.”

Paramount Pictures did not give up the name “The Cage”. In the field of comics, “The Cage” became the prequel series of “Star Trek”.

The Hollywood Reporter revealed a news: The prequel “The Cage” of “Star Trek” is expected to come out.

Paramount Pictures has completed the script creation of the prequel series, and this prequel is expected to come out in Hollywood.

"The Cage":The prequel of "Star Trek" is expected to come out, Warner plans Gene Roddenberry's documentary

Gene Roddenberry was the director of “Star Trek:The Original Series”.

Roddenberry not only has to complete the work of the director, he is also responsible for the script, shooting effects and even post-production steps.

This is a legendary director.

In order to commemorate Roddenberry’s contribution to the exploration series, Warner plans a Roddenberry documentary.

If the filming and production process of this documentary goes smoothly, it will come out in 2023.

Since Warner released the restored version of “Star Trek”, the film industry has been keen on Hollywood’s early science fiction series.

After all, many works, actors and directors of Paramount Pictures have a very good mass foundation.

This time WarnerMedia plans to shoot Roddenberry’s documentary, which shows that the Hollywood film industry sees the value of the “Star Trek” series.

We must not forget the contribution of the late director Roddenberry.

"The Cage":The prequel of "Star Trek" is expected to come out, Warner plans Gene Roddenberry's documentary

When Roddenberry decided to write the script for “The Cage”, Paramount Pictures didn’t take a fancy to this exploration series.

Back then, sci-fi films were in a thankless situation in the early days-the cost of shooting such series was high.

Even if “The Cage” was filmed according to the mode of the series, according to the crude equipment and production level of Hollywood at that time, the better the sci-fi series, the harder it is to shoot the powerful visual effects of such works.

At that time ABC became the owner of “The Cage”.

The 1960s was the late Hollywood golden age, and drama and emotional works were more popular.

Youth idols such as Audrey Hepburn were the mainstream stars of that era. People are more willing to watch “The Graduate” which is not very complicated and the theme is deeply rooted.

So when the filming of “The Cage” was suspended in New York, Roddenberry’s work was once faced with no one to take over.

"The Cage":The prequel of "Star Trek" is expected to come out, Warner plans Gene Roddenberry's documentary

In the impression of most movie fans, “Star Trek” is a film type work.

However, when the series was “The Cage”, ABC filmed in accordance with the mode of the series.

The series did not work well during the pilot broadcast, so the crew changed the title to “Where No Man Has Gone Before”.

It was during the pilot stage that the role of James Tiberius Kirk was born.

William Alan Shatner joined the series, and the actors that were set together include Leonard Nimoy, James Doohan and Nichelle Nichols and other major actors.

These details are reflected in Roddenberry’s documentary.

Although fifty or sixty years ago, major Hollywood studios were at a disadvantage when shooting exploratory movies.

However, many classic sci-fi movies were born at that time, and “Star Wars” was born in a relatively difficult shooting environment.

The film is an enduring science fiction series like “Star Trek”.

"The Cage":The prequel of "Star Trek" is expected to come out, Warner plans Gene Roddenberry's documentary

Paramount Pictures was a relatively generous company in the 1960s, which is different from the current situation.

At that time, Paramount Pictures also wanted to create an exploration series. On the one hand, this large company needed to fight for the youth market, and on the other hand, the large film industry had to enrich its source of works.

After “Star Trek” became a hit series, the abandoned “predecessor” of “The Cage” became a prequel work.

The prequel “The Cage” of “Star Trek” is expected to come out, not only because of the popularity of this series through William Shatner, but because this series is really valuable and can be tapped.

As early as August this year, biography works on Roddenberry were in the planning stage.

At the time, everyone guessed that Paramount might shoot this biography.

"The Cage":The prequel of "Star Trek" is expected to come out, Warner plans Gene Roddenberry's documentary

Because Paramount can only “eat what it has to offer”, when this film company made the “Godfather” trilogy documentary before, it shows that their creative ideas have entered a stage of exhaustion.

Warner took over the planning and creation of this series, and many fans lamented that “there is Warner’s shadow everywhere”.

Warner’s preparation of Roddenberry’s documentary shows that WarnerMedia has used it well in special times.

The film industry has a solid foundation. Even if their management has undergone a major exchange of blood, Warner’s loss of funds is not a lot.

On Roddenberry’s 100th birthday, Hollywood studios are also going to show off.

From the director’s own creation, many of his ideas have not been adopted by the younger generations in Hollywood.

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds and “Genesis II” are Roddenberry’s regretful works.

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