“The Batman” sequel is expected to be prepared, Mister Freeze may become the biggest villain


Although “The Batman” hasn’t been released yet, the creators are already working on a sequel to the film. According to media reports, director Matt Reeves is considering details of the sequel.

According to him, if the sequel can be successfully prepared, he will consider bringing the famous DC villain Mister Freeze to the screen.

Matt Reeves said: “In my opinion, the most important thing is to find the right characters and give the film a guarantee. If Mister Freeze can appear in the film, it will be a good story. In fact, “The Batman” is a fantasy story, but I don’t rely on fantasy elements.”

"The Batman" sequel is expected to be prepared, Mister Freeze may become the biggest villain

Judging from Matt Reeves’ rhetoric, even if Mister Freeze appears in the film, it may not have a strong sense of science fiction.

Therefore, the story of “The Batman” is likely to follow the imprint of the original, and use a realistic approach to tell the story of Batman.

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Mister Freeze is a super villain under the American DC Comics. He was originally a cryogenic scientist. Because of an accident, his whole body became cold-blooded.

His body temperature must be kept below freezing at all times to survive, and he will die at normal room temperature.

To this end, he created a set of low-temperature armor and various frozen weapons and incarnated as Mister Freeze to take revenge on those who caused all this.

The role was played by Arnold Schwarzenegger in the fourth Batman film, “Batman & Robin”, released in 1997.

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