Stills from Jacob Batalon’s comedy drama ‘Reginald the Vampire‎’, it tells about the struggling lives of fat vampires


Jacob Batalon (‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’) starring in the comedy-drama series ‘Reginald the Vampire‎’ released stills for the October 5 Syfy opening.

Stills from Jacob Batalon's comedy drama 'Reginald the Vampire‎', it tells about the struggling lives of fat vampires | FMV6

Based on Johnny B. Truant’s novel series ‘Fat Vampire’ and written by Harley Peyton (‘Twin Peaks’), ‘Reginald the Vampire’ is about a world full of beautiful, fit, self-respecting vampires. Batalon’s Reginald lives a struggle and faces many obstacles.

He falls in love with a girl, meets an overbearing manager at work, and the vampire leader wants to get him killed …… but fortunately he also discovers that he has some abilities that are unknown to him.

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