Spotlight on Clinton’s sex scandal, “American Crime Story Season 3” First Exposure Trailer


The first season of FX TV’s “American Crime Story” describes the Simpson case, and the second season focuses on the assassination of Versace.”American Crime Story Season 3″n will tell about the sex scandal between President Clinton and Lewinsky that year.

Today’s third season of the exposure preview, only Lewinsky’s back and Clinton’s vision can be seen. The show will start on September 7 this year.

Clive Owen will star in Clinton this season.

Actress Beanie Feldstein of “Miss Bird” and “High Talent” plays Lewinsky, who is also the sister of comedy star Jonah Hill.

FX queen actress Sarah Paulson plays the whistleblower Linda Tripp, and Annaleigh Ashford plays Paula Jones.

Spotlight on Clinton's sex scandal, "American Crime Story Season 3" First Exposure Trailer

This play is adapted from the book “A Vast Conspiracy: The Real Story of the Sex Scandal That Nearly Brought Down a President” by Jeffrey Toobin.

Lewinsky himself serves as the producer to ensure the authenticity of the series.

The Lewinsky scandal was a sex scandal between the 42nd US President Bill Clinton and the White House intern Lewinsky in 1998.

The incident triggered a series of investigations and the impeachment case against Clinton.

Since 1996, Clinton and White House intern Monica Lewinsky met, flirted, and developed a lover relationship.

The relationship between the two has been maintained for 5 months. Although the outside world does not know it, it is an open secret among the personnel on duty around the president.

Spotlight on Clinton's sex scandal, "American Crime Story Season 3" First Exposure Trailer

In April 1997, Lewinsky’s superiors worried that she was too close to the president, so they transferred her to the Ministry of Defense.

Lewinsky met Linda Tripp at the Ministry of Defense, and the two became close friends.

Lewinsky revealed to Tripp that he had an affair with the president.

But she didn’t know that the contents of the phone calls of the two were secretly recorded by Tripp, which became one of the conclusive evidence of the outbreak of the scandal in the future.

Since 1994, Paula Jones, who served as the secretary of the state government in Arkansas, sued Clinton for sexual harassment, pulling carrots out of the mud.

In January 1998, this sexual harassment case became more and more troublesome… Ten thousand words were omitted here… Somehow Linda Tripp was brought in.

Spotlight on Clinton's sex scandal, "American Crime Story Season 3" First Exposure Trailer

Linda Tripp did not want to risk perjury and gave the tapes of herself and Lewinsky to the prosecutor.

This tape and Lewinsky’s detailed diary made Clinton more and more passive.

The most critical piece of evidence is a blue dress stained with the president’s semen. Lewinsky originally wanted to keep it as a memorial, but he did not expect to leave the president’s DNA evidence.

When the test results came out, President Clinton had to speak to the country, apologize to the people, and admit that he had improper contacts with Lewinsky.

Clinton became the second president in American history to be impeached, but he was ultimately not convicted or stepped down.

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