South Korean actor Ah-in Yoo was exposed to the same drugs as Jung-woo Ha


The company’s main business is to promote the use of Propofol, which was used by Jung-woo Ha. “

According to an exclusive report by The Dong-a Ilbo on February 9, the Korea Food and Drug Safety Agency (KFDA) got hold of Ah-in Yoo’s prescription for Propofol at several hospitals since 2021 for so-called “medical shopping” and commissioned the police to investigate in November last year. After analyzing the information, the FDA suspected Ah-in Yoo of being a habitual drug user.

South Korean actor Ah-in Yoo was exposed to the same drugs as Jung-woo Ha | FMV6

The source said “expert findings show that this is an over-prescription of Propofol, even when suffering from various diseases at the same time.”

It was confirmed that the Food and Drug Administration commissioned the police to investigate 51 people, including Ah-in Yoo, last year. Therefore, the police investigation into habitual Propofol use is expected to expand afterwards.

In early 2020, Jung-woo Ha was exposed for using his brother’s name to illegally use Propofol for several years at a plastic surgery hospital, which was investigated for using a large amount of Propofol, and eventually Jung-woo Ha was found.

The Korean government designated Propofol as a drug in 2011, and its use is strictly prohibited except for therapeutic purposes, and violators will be held legally responsible for drug abuse. Michael Jackson died of an overdose of Propofol.

Ah-in Yoo, who was born in 1986, looks younger than his actual age. He won recognition for two films ‘The Throne’ and ‘Veteran’ in 2015, gained international fame for his role in ‘Burn’ in 2018, and in recent years has appeared in films and dramas such as ‘Hellbound’, ‘Seoul Vibe’, etc.

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