Sony Internal Mail Celebrates “Uncharted” Box Office


Deadline EXCLUSIVE: Sony Pictures Chairman Tom Rothman celebrates the new release of ‘Uncharted’ in a recent internal email to employees, saying the film has been a box office hit, has been well received by audiences and has become ‘a new hit for our company’ Movie series (meaning a sequel is expected?)”, and also “a victory for all parts of the company”.

“Uncharted” opened in North America on February 18, and its opening weekend grossed $106.4 million worldwide. It has grossed $139 million worldwide so far.

Sony Internal Mail Celebrates "Uncharted" Box Office

The first week in North America (because of the President’s Day holiday, the first week in North America is counted as Monday, that is, a total of four days) box office of 51 million US dollars, far exceeding the previous industry expectation of 30 million US dollars. “Uncharted” cost $120 million to make.

Rothman also cited “Uncharted”‘s Rotten Tomatoes audience rating (90%) in the email.

“Uncharted” is based on the traditional cinema priority and a window period of more than 45 days. The email also mentioned that the film is another demonstration that the cinema model is feasible under the new crown epidemic.

Unlike many other big companies that prioritize or simultaneously stream their big productions, Sony’s many superhero and action blockbusters have maintained traditional theatrical distribution.

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