“Snake Eyes” will be released ahead of schedule


“Snake Eyes” will be released ahead of schedule, Paramount adjusts its movie schedule.

With the recovery of theater chains and the development of streaming media, in addition to actively deploying streaming media platforms, the established producer Paramount has also adjusted the release time of its films.

It is understood that “Snake Eyes” is confirmed to be released in advance, from October 22 this year to the release on July 23, squeezing into the summer time.

Paramount’s other film “Dungeons & Dragons” was postponed for one year, and the original schedule was postponed from May 27, 2022 to March 3, 2023.

In addition to the adjustment of the schedule for these two major blockbusters, there was also news that the release of “Mission Impossible 7” and “Top Gun: Maverick” starring Tomoe had also been postponed.

Obviously, this is a strategic adjustment of Paramount. The character “Snake Eye” is a toy of Hasbro, a ninja warrior.

In the original story, there is a relationship and entanglement between a female character named Scarlett and Snake Eye.

"Snake Eyes" will be released ahead of schedule

According to reports, the story of “Snake Eyes” will focus on how Snake Eye changed from an ordinary person to a ninja, and the film will show the emotions between him and his father.

The game adaptation movie “Dungeons & Dragons” is another potential hit. The game was first invented in Wisconsin in 1974 by Gary Gigax, a salesman for an insurance company.

“Dungeons & Dragons” also had a great influence on role-playing games, and many subsequent games of the same type were affected by it.

"Snake Eyes" will be released ahead of schedule

In 1993, CAPCOM, which produced “Resident Evil”, released the arcade version of “Dungeons & Dragons”.

The game combines an adventurous sense of teamwork and a refreshing sense of action. In addition to winning praise from players for its delicate actions and dazzling magic, its long historical background and heavy worldview are also important reasons for the series’ “long red”.

The game exudes the flavor of medieval magic and is the player’s favorite.

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