Science fiction classic “Waterworld” will shoot a TV series sequel


In a recent interview with foreign media, John Davis, the producer of the movie “Waterworld“, confirmed that Universal Pictures is developing a drama version.

Tell the story of the male protagonist Mariner (Kevin Costner), the female protagonist Helen (Jeanne Tripplehorn) and the little girl Enola (Tina Majorino) 20 years later.

The cast has not yet been finalized, but Daniel Trachtenberg, the director of the American drama “The Boys“, will direct a few episodes.

Science fiction classic "Waterworld" will shoot a TV series sequel

Waterworld” invested 175 million U.S. dollars that year, with a North American box office of 88.24 million U.S. dollars and a global box office of 264 million U.S. dollars.

As the promotion of “Waterworld” cost 60 million U.S. dollars, Universal lost 80 million U.S. dollars at that time.

But with video tape, DVD and TV copyright income, video games, novel adaptations and Universal Park amusement projects.

Science fiction classic "Waterworld" will shoot a TV series sequel

After 18 years of hard work, “Waterworld” finally made a profit in 2013, and Universal Pictures made $8 million.

Looking back at the film many years later, “Waterworld”‘s forward-looking view of environmental issues and the design of the action scenes are all very good, not a bad film in everyone’s impression.

The important thing is that the cinema version of “Waterworld” was deleted for 40 minutes, and the ending seemed too loose.

I don’t know if the episode version of “Waterworld” can make up for the regret of the year.

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