‘Romeo & Juliet’ new film ‘Rosaline‎’ released stills


Romeo and Juliet’s new film ‘Rosaline‎’ released stills, the film will be online on Hulu on October 14.

Isabela Merced (‘Transformers: The Last Knight’ ‘Dora and the Lost City of Gold’) as Juliet, Kyle Allen (‘American Horror Story’ ‘The Map of Tiny Perfect Things’) as Romeo and Kaitlyn Dever (‘Booksmart’ ‘Unbelievable’) as Rosaline. Things’) as Romeo, and Kaitlyn Dever (‘Booksmart’ ‘Unbelievable’) as Rosaline. This film will retell Shakespeare’s classic story from her point of view, for a modern interpretation.

'Romeo & Juliet' new film 'Rosaline‎' released stills | FMV6

Rosaline, Juliet’s cousin who also happens to be Romeo’s most recent ex-girlfriend, is sharp but idealistic.

At first, she tries to sabotage the famous romance and win Romeo back, but eventually she embarks on a journey of self-discovery to help the ill-fated lovers get back together.

Sean Teale (‘The Gifted’ ‘Little Voice’) plays Dario, a gruff soldier & witty gentleman who finds himself unwittingly involved in Romeo & Juliet’s saga.

'Romeo & Juliet' new film 'Rosaline‎' released stills | FMV6

Spencer Stevenson (‘The Purge’) as Rosaline’s best friend and confidant who finds herself drawn into the story of Romeo and Juliet. minnie Driver (‘Good Will Hunting’) as Juliet’s nanny, personal servant and guardian.

'Romeo & Juliet' new film 'Rosaline‎' released stills | FMV6

‘Rosaline’ is directed by Karen Maine (‘Yes, God, Yes’) and based on the novel ‘When You Were Mine’ by Rebecca Serle, with Scott Neustadter & Michael H. Weber (‘(500) Days of Summer’ ‘The Fault in Our Stars’ ‘Me Before You’) writing the script and Bradley Whitford also starring. Weber (‘(500) Days of Summer,’ ‘The Fault in Our Stars,’ ‘Me Before You’) wrote the screenplay, Bradley Whitford also stars, and 20th Century Pictures presents.

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