“Renfield”: Awkwafina joins Universal Monster Movie


The movie “Renfield”, which tells the story of vampires, once again confirmed the addition of new actors.

According to reports, Awkwafina will join the crew and co-star in the film with Nicolas Cage.

"Renfield": Awkwafina joins Universal Monster Movie

Currently, there is no specific news about Awkwafina’s role.

According to foreign media speculation, Awkwafina is likely to play a Van Helsing-style vampire killer in “Renfield”.

“Renfield” is adapted from the famous novel “Dracula” by Bram Stoker.

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In the story, Renfield is Dracula’s number one supporter. He lives in a mental hospital and ostensibly suffers from paranoia.

But in fact, it was Dracula’s servant.

Currently, “Renfield” has no specific shooting arrangements.

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