Psychological thriller ‘The Patient’ release new trailer, airs August 30 on Hulu


Steve Carell and Domhnall Gleeson star in the psychological thriller ‘The Patient’ with a new trailer, which will begin airing on Hulu on August 30.

‘The Patient’ focuses on the relationship between critically acclaimed psychotherapist Alexander (Carell) and his new patient, Sam (Gleeson). When Sam takes Alexander hostage, he reveals that he is actually a serial killer and asks Alexander to cure him of his murderous tendencies.

And as Alexander reluctantly begins therapy, those experiences also reveal their own past evil thoughts and traumas, blurring the lines between patient and therapist.

‘The Patient’ by Joel Fields& Joseph Weisberg (‘The Americans’) to create, Chris Long (‘Criminal Minds’ ‘The Mentalist’) directed the first two episodes and and Carell and other executive production.  

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