Pixar animation “Lightyear” media word of mouth unblocked, its rotten tomatoes fresh rating of 84%


Pixar’s new animated film media word-of-mouth release, the current ‘Lightyear’ Rotten Tomatoes fresh rating of 84% (69 reviews), MetaCritic composite score of 59/100 (29 reviews), such a rating for Pixar can only be considered ordinary.


Positive reviews affirm the voice performance of “Captain America” Chris Evans, as well as some science fiction elements and visual effects; negative reviews focus on the storyline confusion, and Pixar let people expect the standard does not match.

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The film is directed by Angus MacLane, written by ‘Soul’ director Pete Docter and voiced by Chris Evans for the lead character Lightyear, and will be released in Northern America on June 17.


Media commentary excerpts.

‘Variety’: As a spin-off film from one of the greatest and enduring series of contemporary animation, ‘Toy Story’, it is one of those Pixar works that feels like half a Disney movie.

‘The Hollywood Reporter’: A joyful spin-off with suspense and emotion, Chris Evans gives the main character a beautiful voice, balancing heroism with human frailty with his full-blooded passion.

‘Empire’: Despite the confusing plot and uninteresting villain, strong voice acting and amazing visual effects, as well as Sox meowing, make ‘Lightyear’ a good space adventure film.

‘Entertainment Weekly’: Kids will love ‘Lightyear’ and adults are enjoying it. The only reason this film didn’t live up to expectations is that Pixar stretched everyone’s expectations too high.

Screen Rant’: The film is a clever expansion of Pixar’s popular series ‘Toy Story’, full of funny moments, warm emotions and very gorgeous scenes.

‘Screen Daily’: One of Pixar’s most popular characters gets an origin story, but it’s a bland sci-fi adventure without the wit and wonder it once had.

‘Rolling Stone’: In essence, it’s a light-hearted, enjoyable, better-than-average Disney movie that just happens to meet the most rewarding Pixar characters, but hardly resembles a Pixar movie at all.

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