New R-rated fantasy action movie ‘The Princess‎’ starring Joey King released TV trailer


Joey King stars in the new R-rated fantasy action film ‘The Princess’ released a TV trailer, the princess in the castle refused to be fingered, “This is not ladylike”, “You messed with the wrong princess” –she’s a powerful fighter.

‘Hai Phượng’ director Le-Van Kiet directed the film, which also stars Thanh Van Ngo and Dominic Cooper, and goes live on Hulu on July 1.

‘The Princess’ tells the story of a beautiful, strong-willed princess who refuses to marry the cruel sociopath she was promised to, and who is consequently kidnapped and locked up in a remote tower of her father’s castle.

A suitor scorned by her and intent on revenge intends to seize her father’s throne, and the princess must protect her family and save the kingdom.

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