Netflix’s new sci-fi drama ‘The Imperfects’ releases Official Trailer


Netflix’s new sci-fi drama ‘The Imperfects’ released an official trailer, and some people are trying their best to create more powerful monsters…

The show tells the story of three young men in their 20s who are transformed by evil scientists into monsters – A Chupacabra, a Banshee and a Succubus.

This sci-fi action series is executive produced by Shelley Eriksen and Dennis Heaton (“The Order”), as well as the creative minds behind Fargo and Van Helsing. The series features Italia Ricci, Morgan Taylor Campbell, Rhianna Jagpal, Iñaki Godoy, Rhys Nicholson, Kyra Zagorsky, Celina Martin, Jedidiah Goodacre, and more.

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