Netflix Japanese drama “ヒヤマケンタロウの妊娠” released a new trailer, it will be launched on April 21


A new trailer for the Japanese drama “ヒヤマケンタロウの妊娠” starring Takumi Saitô has been released, and it is scheduled to be launched on Netflix on April 21.

The film is co-starred by actress Juri Ueno, directed by Yuko Hakota and Takeo Kikuchi, and written by Yoshitatsu Yamada, Yukiko Sode, and Chihiro Amano.

Elite white-collar man Kentaro Hiyama suddenly found out that he was pregnant one day, so he and his partner Aki Seto faced the hardships of the “pregnant woman” experience and the problems of childbirth in confusion.

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