“Minamata” starring Depp will finally be released in North America


“Minamata” starring Depp will finally be released in North America, it will compete for the major awards of the awards season.

“Minamata” starring Johnny Depp will finally meet the North American audience. Recently, the film was announced to be released on December 15th in North America.

Affected by the Johnny Depp “domestic violence” incident, the release date of “Minamata” was nearly 8 months later than the release date of the film in Hong Kong, China and other regions.

"Minamata" starring Depp will finally be released in North America

Choosing this schedule also means that “Minamata” will launch an impact on the major awards of the award season.

“Minamata” is directed by Andrew Levitas, and Johnny Depp plays W. Eugene Smith, one of the most famous photojournalists in history.

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The film tells the story of Smith who had lived in seclusion in 1971, but was commissioned by the editor of Life magazine to pick up the camera again and go to Japan to record the current situation of the strange disease “Minamata” caused by mercury pollution and the government’s cover-up.

Prior to this, Johnny Depp had spoken out against Hollywood’s unfair treatment of films starring him.

“This movie will affect people with Minamata disease and people with similar experiences. But just because Hollywood boycotted me as an actor, it made such a movie unavailable. I will do my best to make this story meet the audience. .”

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