Same-sex film ‘My Policeman‎’ announced for world premiere at Toronto Film Festival


The new gay-themed film ‘My Policeman‎’ starring Harry Styles, Emma Corrin and David Dawson has announced a world premiere at the Toronto Film Festival, and the film opens October 21 in Northern America, the UK and November 4 on Amazon.

Same-sex film 'My Policeman‎' announced for world premiere at Toronto Film Festival | FMV6

‘My Policeman’ is directed by Tony Award and Laurence Olivier Awards winner Michael Grandage (“Genius‎”) and written by Ron Nyswaner (“Soldier’s Girl‎””Philadelphia‎”).

The film is based on the novel of the same name by Bethan Roberts, set in the 1950s in Brighton, England, school teacher Marion (Corrin) on the handsome police officer Tom (Styles) at first sight, the two soon fell in love.

Soon after, Tom met Patrick (Dawson), the museum’s director, who opened his eyes to a fascinating and complex new world.

Although Tom was attracted to Patrick, marrying Marion was safer for him in a time when homosexuality was illegal.

As a result, Marion and Patrick can only share Tom until one of them breaks out and the lives of the three are changed forever.

The film will take the form of flashbacks as the couple, Tom and Marion, bring home an elderly and infirm Patrick, forcing them to revisit the seismic-level events of 40 years ago and review the passionate love story between Tom and Patrick.   

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