“Memory‎” starring Liam Neeson revealed a new poster, the plot is confusing


Recently, a new poster for “Memory‎” starring Liam Neeson has been exposed. On the poster, the profile portrait of Liam Neeson is superimposed together, which looks quite illusory.

And the “O” in Memory has also become a bullet hole. The poster reads: “His memory is fading, his conscience is clear”. The style of the whole poster is stern, highlighting the personal color of the main character.

"Memory‎" starring Liam Neeson revealed a new poster, the plot is confusing

“Memory‎” is a remake of the 2003 Belgian film “De zaak Alzheimer‎”, which tells the story of Alex Lewis, a professional killer known for his cautious precision, who is hunted down after refusing to work for a dangerous criminal organization.

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He has to go after those who want him dead. During this time, Alex faced severe memory loss that affected his plans every step of the way.

The director of the film, Martin Campbell, has filmed action films such as “Casino Royale” and “The Foreigner”, and should be regarded as a director with experience in action films.

As planned, “Memory‎” will be released in North America on April 29.

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