Marvel’s new drama “Ironheart” confirmed the director, Iron Man’s fans is coming


According to media reports, Marvel’s new drama “Ironheart” has set the director: Sam Bailey (“Brown Girl Begins‎”) will direct the first three episodes, Angela Barnes (“Atlanta”) will direct the last three episodes, and “Black Panther” director Ryan Coogler will direct Execute production.

Marvel's new drama "Ironheart" confirmed the director, Iron Man's fans is coming

Dominique Thorne as “Ironheart” Riri Williams, a 15-year-old genius inventor in the comics who attends MIT and uses reverse engineering techniques derived from Iron Man’s armor to create her own gear.

She was then noticed by “Iron Man” Tony Stark, who encouraged her to pursue the life of a superhero.

Anthony Ramos is expected to play the villain, Lyric Ross (“This Is Us”) as Ironheart’s best friend, and Chinaka Hodge (“Amazing Stories” “Snowpiercer”) as lead writer.

Ironheart has not yet officially debuted in the MCU, and she will first appear in “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever” before launching a single-player series.

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