Marvel’s ‘Ironheart’ Reveals Logo, Anthony Ramos Confirmed to Play ‘The Hood’


At this year’s D23 Expo, during the Marvel portion of the studio showcase , director Ryan Coogler who premiered some brand new exclusive footage, live.

Not only does the trailer give a much better look at Namor and another tease of the new Black Panther, but we also got our very first look at Dominique Thorne’s Riri Williams taking flight in her very own arc-reactor-powered suit of armor.

The debut of her suit functioned as the perfect segway into the next piece of Marvel media we got to hear about in the hall at D23: ‘Ironheart’.

Marvel's 'Ironheart' Reveals Logo, Anthony Ramos Confirmed to Play 'The Hood' | FMV6

Coogler, who is producing Ironheart in addition to his work on Wakanda Forever, debuted the first-ever footage to the excited crowd, which is a surprise given that the show, according to Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige, isn’t even halfway done filming.

Yet, we got some pretty complete-looking footage in an exciting teaser trailer, which shows Riri Williams back in the United States and in the process of making an armored suit so advanced it could make Iron Man’s armor look like an action figure.

To accomplish this goal, she gets questioned by Anthony Ramos’s character, who seems to be a friend of Williams, yet he also tells her that she may be forced to do bad things for a good cause.

Marvel's 'Ironheart' Reveals Logo, Anthony Ramos Confirmed to Play 'The Hood' | FMV6

The footage concludes with Ramos finding a red hood and dispatching some bystanders with some strange kind of magic.

If the iconic hood wasn’t already a dead giveaway to comic fans, Feige and Coogler revealed after the trailer aired that Ramos’s character is none other than The Hood; a major Marvel Comics antagonist who is one of the few criminal masterminds to build a street-level empire that even the great Wilson Fisk would be jealous of.

Marvel's 'Ironheart' Reveals Logo, Anthony Ramos Confirmed to Play 'The Hood' | FMV6

Ramos himself was then invited to the stage to talk more about his character. The trio on stage said they really wanted to explore a conflict where technology is pinned against sorcery, as that match-up hasn’t really been seen in depth within the Marvel Cinematic Universe thus far.

‘Ironheart’ flies onto Disney+ in 2023.

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