Marvel movie “Black Widow” lost about $600 million due to the flood of pirated resources


According to media reports recently, the Marvel movie “Black Widow” was released simultaneously on the streaming media Disney+ and theaters, causing its resources to flow out rapidly.

“Black Widow” has also become one of the most “pirated” movies last year. As of the end of August last year, it had been downloaded 20 million times by crazy pirated copies.

According to the calculation of the cost of Disney+ online viewing at the time of US$29.99, the pirated resources of “Black Widow” cost Disney about US$600 million.

Marvel movie "Black Widow" lost about $600 million due to the flood of pirated resources

“Black Widow” was originally scheduled to be launched on May 1, 2020, but it was postponed to July 9, 2021 due to the epidemic, and it was simultaneously launched on streaming media.

In the first weekend, “Black Widow” won 80 million US dollars in the North American box office, and it also won 60 million US dollars in the Disney+ box office.

The box office of “Black Widow” fell sharply in the second week.

It is understood that once “Black Widow” was launched, it was quickly pirated, and various versions and even 4K resources in multiple languages ​​were disseminated worldwide.

Last summer, the movie star Scarlett Johansson sued Disney. She said that Disney violated the contract while showing on its streaming media, and her salary was greatly affected.

But finally in September, the two reached a settlement. They shook hands and made peace and looked forward to future cooperation.

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