“Mad Max: Furiosa” plot revealed: the battlefield of female warrior and tyrant


Mad Max: Furiosa’ recently announced the plot synopsis of the film, will tell the background of Furiosa’s life.


As the world falls apart, young Furiosa is taken captive from the green fields of Many Mothers and falls into the hands of a motorcycle tribe led by warlord Dementus.

They wander through the wilderness and encounter a fortress guarded by ImmortanJoe. While the two tyrants vie for dominance, Furiosa must pass many tests to find her way home.


‘Mad Max: Furiosa’, directed by George Miller and starring Anya Taylor-Joy and Chris Hemsworth, is currently filming in Australia.

Since it is a prequel that tells the story of the young Furiosa, Charlize Theron will not return.


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