Luca Guadagnino interviewed to talk about whether ‘Challengers’ is a ‘queer cinema’


Director Luca Guadagnino was recently asked if the new film ‘Challengers’, which he is directing and stars Zendaya, Josh O’Connor and Mike Faist, “will be a queer cinema” and Guadagnino, with a twinkle in his eye, said. “It’s my film, so ……”

Challengers’ is described by him as a “pretty energetic, sexy” film.


Set against the backdrop of tennis, the film follows Zendaya as the heroine Tashi, a tennis player-turned-coach who turns her husband Art (Faist) from a mediocre player into a world-renowned Grand Slam champion.

But Art is now on a losing streak, and to get him back in shape, Tashi has put him in a lower level challenge tournament.


And on that court, Art’s opponent is the former star of tomorrow Patrick (O’Connor), Art’s former best friend and Tashi’s ex-boyfriend, who is currently in a slump. The old hatred on and off the court ignited a new feud.

Challengers’ is being filmed and is about to be finished, it will be released in Northern America on August 11 next year.   


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