Live-action film “Robotech‎” named new director Rhys Thomas


According to recent media reports, the live-action version of “Robotech‎”, which has been in preparation for 15 years, has made new progress. Sony announced that Rhys Thomas, director of the American TV series “Hawkeye”, will direct the film.

The current script is being written by Marcum & Holloway, rewritten by Brian Gatewood and Alessandro Tanaka, with Harmony Gold also contributing.

Live-action film "Robotech‎" named new director Rhys Thomas

The film was last seen in 2017, when it was announced that “Wonder Woman” writer Jason Fuchs would write the script and “It” director Andrés Muschietti to direct the film, but they all later dropped out.

“Robotech‎” is a famous sci-fi animation in the 1980s. Harmony Gold, an American company, edited and dubbed the three Japanese animations “Super Dimension Fortress Macross”, “The Super Dimension Cavalry Southern Cross” and “Kikô sôseiki Mospeada” to create one A brand new animation of 85 episodes, followed by a sequel.

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The live-action “Robotech‎” project has twists and turns. As early as 2007, Warner Bros. finalized the film rights. The original Spider-ManTobey Maguire was expected to appear in the film.

Live-action film "Robotech‎" named new director Rhys Thomas

Later, the copyright of the film changed hands from Sony, and James Wan took over for a while, but it was finally settled.

This is the fourth time the project has been launched, and I don’t know what the final fate will be.

There have been a lot of mecha movie projects in Hollywood in recent years. Netflix will shoot Jordan Vogt-Roberts’ “Untitled Gundam Live-Action Movie‎”, and Amazon is expected to take over Rawson Marshall Thurber’s “Voltron”.

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