“King Richard”: Will Smith takes the Williams sisters to the new issue of “Entertainment Weekly”


Recently, “King Richard” starring Will Smith and the prototype characters Venus Williams & Serena Williams appeared in the new issue of “Entertainment Weekly” to create momentum for the upcoming film.

“King Richard” focuses on the story of tennis sisters Venus Williams & Serena Williams and father Richard Williams.

The film is directed by Renaldo Marcus Green.

"King Richard": Will Smith takes the Williams sisters to the new issue of "Entertainment Weekly"

“King Richard” tells the story of the father, who has no tennis background, trained two tennis geniuses who later became sports superstars.

Richard Williams is played by Will Smith.

Looking back at the careers of the Williams sisters: Serena Williams has won 23 Grand Slam singles titles so far.

She is the best female player in the Grand Slam singles among active players.

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Sister Venus Williams followed closely with 7 Grand Slam singles titles.

The “King Richard” script won the second place on the Hollywood “Script Blacklist” in 2018.

The film will be released in North America on November 19.

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