‘Jurassic Park’ behind-the-scenes footage revealed, Tyrannosaurus successfully resurrected!


 On June 16, ‘Jurassic Park’ behind-the-scenes footage was revealed, giving fans a glimpse into the creation process of this classic science fiction film.


In the 1993 release of ‘Jurassic Park’, the extinct prehistoric beast Tyrannosaurus in the screen “resurrection” so that the audience can still remember.


The revealed footage shows the production team manipulating the mechanical Tyrannosaurus for a simulated shoot.


The production team measured the height and physical appearance of Tyrannosaurus, using machinery to create a simulation model, and a stunt double actor also tested the dynamic characteristics of Tyrannosaurus predation by tying the legs.

Surprisingly, the mechanical Tyrannosaurus is very flexible in its head tossing and predatory movements, making a huge contribution to the presentation in the film.

The production team also won the Best Visual Effects Award at the 66th Academy Awards for this film.

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