“Johnny vs Amber” will have a sequel: Season 2 is even better!


Discovery+ filmed a two-episode documentary last November, “Johnny vs Amber,” which told the “story of the breakdown of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s relationship” and how it morphed into a “celebrity lawsuit.”

Today, Discovery+ has taken advantage of the heat of the court hearing to announce that “Johnny vs Amber” will have a sequel.


The last one, which aired late last year, told the story through “two extreme angles”.

“Johnny Depp’s documentary will tell of him finding out he’s married to an unscrupulous liar who will do anything to protect her own image.”


“Amber Heard’s documentary is about how she married the man of her dreams, only to watch him turn into a rambunctious drug-loving monster.”

A new installment will focus on the ongoing lawsuit: Depp sues Heard for defamation.

"Johnny vs Amber" will have a sequel: Season 2 is even better!

The film will also be divided into two episodes, and it is said that there will be “explosive evidence and testimony from both sides”. The two episodes will also present the views of Depp and Heard, including their legal teams, friends, family and key witnesses.

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