Johnny Depp and Jeff Beck’s new album “18” reveals one of the songs “This Is A Song For Miss Hedy Lamarr


Johnny Depp and renowned guitarist Jeff Beck’s new album “18” will be released on July 15, and one of the songs “This Is A Song For Miss Hedy Lamarr” is the first to be revealed.

It was written by Depp, a tribute to the famous actress & inventor Hedy Lamarr.

♪ “This is a song for Ms. Hedy Lamarr / Erased by the world that made her a star / Strung on beauty, trapped by its web / She’s a perfect cocoon twined in gold thread…. …I won’t believe in humans anymore.”

The song has been performed before, but this is the first time it has been officially released with the album. There is one other Depp-penned song on “18,” and the rest are mostly covers.

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