James Cameron talks about his unfinished “Spider-Man” movie


As the superhero movie “Spider-Man: No Way Home” is about to be released, people’s interest in this superhero in Marvel comics has never been higher.

It’s no secret that James Cameron, director of “Avatar” and “Terminator”, planned to make a “Spider-Man” movie.

Recently, James Cameron revealed some plans for the shooting of the “Spider-Man” movie that year.

James Cameron talks about his unfinished "Spider-Man" movie

In his new book “Tech Noir: The Art of James Cameron”, he talks more about his disillusionment of this project.

James Cameron believes that the superhero road of the role of Spider-Man reflects “you face all the changes in your body in your adolescence, and face the anxiety and expectations of the society.”

He said, “It is reasonable for me to use the biological web shooter as part of his biological adaptation to the bite of a radioactive spider.”

James Cameron revealed that compared with the Batman and Superman family, his “Spiderman” movie will have “a tough sense of reality.”

“What I want to present is the current New York. A child was bitten by a spider and became superpowered, so he fantasized about becoming Spider-Man, and made a suit for it, but he did a terrible job. Set clothes for improvement and things like this. I want to base it on real life and the experience of ordinary people.”

James Cameron believes that this “will be an interesting movie.”

He explained that copyright issues eventually killed the film.

However, this also taught him a valuable lesson.

“After “Titanic”, I decided to move on and do my own thing instead of working on someone else’s IP. So I think this (“Spiderman” did not appear) may be a spur to me, I need to go Create your own things.”

If the box office success of “Avatar” proves anything, it is that James Cameron may have made the right choice.

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