“Infinite” is scheduled to land on Paramount in June


Mark Wahlberg’s “Infinite” is scheduled to land on Paramount streaming in June.

“Infinite” is adapted from the novel by D.Eric Maikranz (The Reincarnationist Papers).

The specific landing platform is Paramount+ under Paramount, and the film will premiere on Paramount+. Although such a change is unexpected, it is reasonable.

What’s more, as a brand new streaming media platform, Paramount+ needs real super blockbusters to form a movie library.

The story focuses on a man who is determined to destroy the world by an evil madman. He often has nightmares, but in fact those dreams are memories of his reincarnation for several lifetimes.

It turns out that the wicked madman will be reincarnated every century. In order to resist him, a group of male and female warriors will also be reincarnated and reincarnated once every century to fight with him.

According to the plan, the film will be produced by the producer of “Transformers” Lorenzo di Bonaventura, and Paramount hopes to turn it into a new series of films.

Prior to this, the producer intended to make the US team Chris Evans star in the film. But before the film started, he left the crew.

Regarding the specific reason why Chris Evans left the crew. It is speculated that the film and the TV series “Defending Jacob” created by Apple TV crashed during the production cycle, so Chris Evans had to withdraw from Fuquay. Ah’s this movie.

Paramount+ is an emerging streaming media platform. In the platform’s plan, 52 exclusive films will be shown in 2022.

In addition, new movies will be launched 30-45 days after the release of Paramount+. For example, “A Quite Place 2”, “Sonic the Hedgehog 2”, “Transformers 7” and “Mission Impossible 7”.

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