Here comes the details of the deleted shots of “Black Widow”


“Black Widow” has been in theaters for more than a month, and many details about the film have also been announced.

Prior to this, Disney officially announced that it would release the “Black Widow” disc, and recently announced the details of the nine cut screens contained in the disc.

Here comes the details of the deleted shots of "Black Widow"

Including Natasha and Yelena’s motorcycle escape journey, and Alexei and Melina’s kiss and so on.

  1. Grocery store purchases

Natasha walked into a grocery store to prepare for her trip to Norway.

After a long drive, she arrived at her destination: in a mysterious trailer in a remote location.

  1. Motorcycle chase

Following the attacker’s tracking, Natasha and Yelena quickly traversed the city, avoiding their enemies.

  1. Gulag fight

Alexei set up his position in front of several enemies, and was soon defeated.

When all hope seemed to be shattered, Natasha stood up and participated in the battle.

  1. Smile
Here comes the details of the deleted shots of "Black Widow"

The Taskmaster protocol was activated at a tense moment, and the iconic helmet was unveiled.

5.Follow me

Thaddeus Ross and Mason discovered the important message left by Natasha.

6.Talk while walking

Alexei and Melina had an interesting exchange, then Taskmaster arrived and confronted Alexei.

  1. Widows in training
Here comes the details of the deleted shots of "Black Widow"

Yelena and Alexei woke up in captivity. While the widows were training, Melina gave the medicine bottle to Taskmaster.

  1. Kiss

Alexei and Melina reunited after the action, and Natasha mourned for those who died prematurely in this cruel incident.

  1. Ohio

Natasha witnessed the carefree suburbs of Ohio through her neighbor’s children.

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