Harrison Ford to Play US President in ‘Captain America 4‎’


Recently Marvel Studios CEO Kevin Feige was interviewed by ‘Entertainment Weekly’ and talked about some of the MCU’s future plans. He confirmed that ‘Deadpool 3’ starring Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman will be made R-rated and Harrison Ford will play the President of the United States in ‘ Captain America 4’ in the role of the President of the United States.

Harrison Ford to Play US President in 'Captain America 4‎' | FMV6

Kevin Feige mentioned in an interview that Namor mentions his identity as Mutant in ‘Black Panther : Wakanda Forever’, but this line is not directly related to X-Men, and Marvel Studios has planned when and how to bring X-Men

As for the netizens concerned about the new version of the ‘Fantastic Four’, Kevin Feige said the film is very large, and will soon announce the cast and other information.

In addition, he said Harrison Ford will play Ross in ‘Captain America 4’ released in May 2024 and ‘Thunderbolts’ released in July 2024, when he is no longer ‘Thunderbolt Ross’, but the President “We will see the interaction between Captain America and the President of the United States, absolutely give a shock.”

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