“Green Knight” creae a medieval gothic suspense film


“Green Knight” exposes new stills, creating a medieval gothic suspense film.

A group of stills was exposed in the film “Green Knight” under A24.

In the stills, Gawain, played by the protagonist of the film, played by Dave Patel, is riding a horse and carrying a huge cold weapon on the road. On the way, there are countless unknown dangers and creatures waiting for him.

Judging from the stills, the retro feel of the film is very good, but the strange creatures in the plot, such as giants, elves, ghosts and illusions, did not appear. Obviously, “Green Knight” will keep the suspense of the film to the end.

The film is adapted from “Sir Gawain and the Green Knight” and tells a story about King Arthur.

King Arthur held a banquet in his court, and a green knight came to challenge the knights of the round table: who would dare to chop off his head on the spot and ask him to retaliate a year later.

Gawain accepted the challenge and cut off the green knight’s head. The still alive body picked up its head and returned to the green church.

A year later, Gao Wenjian made an appointment to find the green knight. After multiple ordeals, Gao Wen returned to King Arthur’s palace alive. After he told everyone about his adventures, the knights agreed that he won the honor for the knights of the round table.

As for the people behind the scenes, the film is directed by David Lowe, Dave Patel, Alicia Vikander, Joel Edgerton, Sarita Jodhori and Sean Harris Starring others.

The original “Sir Gawain and the Green Knight” is an outstanding representative of English verse knight style. On the whole, this will be a film featuring medieval Gothic style, fantasy and horror.

It is understood that the film will be released on July 30 this year, which is considered to be squeezed into the summer file.

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