‘Ghost of Tsushima‎’ live-action film actor may be Andrew Koji


Action-adventure game ‘Ghost of Tsushima‎’ live-action movie was announced earlier in preparation, and actor Andrew Koji, who has appeared in ‘Furious 6’ ‘Snake Eyes: G.I. Joe Origins’ as well as the American drama ‘Warrior’, recently told The media said that he will strive to play the film’s male lead – Japanese samurai Jin Sakai.

'Ghost of Tsushima‎' live-action film actor may be Andrew Koji | FMV6

Andrew Koji said he has passed the game twice and has a deep understanding of the character, “The film adaptation is already underway and everyone is talking about it. The game is really great, and the remake into a movie will definitely require a lot of changes.”

‘Ghost of Tsushima’ is co-developed by Sony Pictures and PlayStation Productions, and directed by ‘John Wick’ series director Chad Tailski.

The original game was released on the PlayStation 4 platform in July 2020 and was a huge hit. The game tells the story of 1274, the Yuan dynasty and the vassal state of Goryeo sent an army to attack Tsushima Island in Japan, and the Japanese samurai Jin Sakai stepped forward to fight the army with the villagers.

'Ghost of Tsushima‎' live-action film actor may be Andrew Koji | FMV6

Andrew Koji was born on November 10, 1987 in Epsom, England, to a Japanese father and an English mother.

He started out as an action double and rose to fame in 2019 by appearing in ‘Warrior’, an American drama based on a story written by Bruce Lee.

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