Gal Gadot expected to return to ‘Fast & Furious’ series?


In response to the recent DC changes, James Gunn responded to Netflix: “I don’t know where you got the news that we ‘kicked off’ Gal Gadot.” He had no further explanation on this.

Gal Gadot expected to return to 'Fast & Furious' series? | FMV6

In response to disgruntled fans, Gunn assured fans, “These disrespectful protests will never affect our decision, and one of the things we realized when Peter and I took the helm of DC Studios was that a small group of people online might voice their objections, but the choice we made with the DCU was the best choice for these characters that have been around for nearly 85 years of DC roles, the best choices. Maybe those choices were great, maybe they weren’t, but they were decisions made with a sincere heart, and we always kept that in mind.”

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