“Free Guy” multiple IP eggs hidden surprises


“Free Guy” won the box office in the first weekend in Mainland China, and the colorful eggs with multiple IPs hide surprises.

The sci-fi action comedy movie “Free Guy” has landed in mainland China cinemas since last Friday, and it started with an excellent word-of-mouth score of 9.2 points for Maoyan.

“Free Guy” even went out of the box office decline curve and won the mainland box office championship with a total of 155 million in the first weekend’s three-day revenue. It also made the majority of movie fans shouted, “It’s been a long time since I laughed so happily in the theater”, which is definitely “worth it.” fare”!

Word-of-mouth is bursting and wins the championship in three days in the first weekend.

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The annual action comedy “Free Guy” is directed by Shawn Levy, the director of the “Night at the Museum” series, with Ryan Reynolds leading the top lineup, dedicating an original masterpiece with brainstorming and hilarious laughter.

Prior to this, “Free Guy” had a double harvest of word-of-mouth in North America, topping the North American box office champion for two consecutive weeks.

"Free Guy" multiple IP eggs hidden surprises

“Free Guy”‘s Rotten Tomatoes Popcorn Index is as high as 95%, and CinemaScore has also received an A-level score, which is called a big surprise in the North American film market this summer by film critics.

“Free Guy” also continued its strong performance after landing in mainland China, with a top box office record of 155 million yuan in the first weekend.

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“Free Guy” has become the best-performing Hollywood blockbuster in China this summer, and it has stepped out of the three consecutive days of box office growth.

stinger all over the screen, Marvel’s dream linkage sparks cheers

As a movie with the game world as the background, every screen of “Free Guy” can find tribute eggs of all sizes.

Not only are game players familiar with the “card bug” confusing operation, there are also classic game elements from different eras such as “Fortnite” and “Rockman”.

"Free Guy" multiple IP eggs hidden surprises

In the ending battle, the elements of Marvel and Star Wars appeared in turns in just a few tens of seconds.

“Free Guy” made the audience call “Marvel Stem is really timeless”, “full of joy and excitement”, “it can be called the moment of bombing, the whole audience is applauding and cheering”!

In addition, the male protagonist Ryan Reynolds, who has his own “cross-dimensional” nature, even more strongly invites his relatives and friends in real life to “fancy cameo”.

The audience had the opportunity to capture “Captain America” ​​Chris Evans, “Wolverine” Hugh Jackman, “Big Rock” Dwayne Johnson…wow the audience in unexpected forms.

Emotional NPC friendship and programmer romance

In addition to the dazzling cross-IP stinger, the emotional lines between the protagonists in the movie are also deeply moving.

Jodie Comer, who plays the two roles alone, is the programmer Millie in reality, and the “Molotov Girl” in the game.

It was the unexpected encounter with “Molotov Girl” that allowed Guy to awaken from a step-by-step NPC to an artificial intelligence with real emotions.

And at the end of the story, Guy said “I am a love letter to you”, which even hit countless audiences, saying “I feel the programmer’s romance”!

The NPC friendship between Guy and his good friend Buddy also touched many audiences.

"Free Guy" multiple IP eggs hidden surprises

“When Guy touches the truth, anger, disappointment and confusion of the virtual world on the beach, but the comfort of his good friend Buddy is suddenly enlightened, at least the feeling at this moment is real enough.”

With both laughter and refreshment, Hollywood masterpiece full of special effects, 2021’s most brainstorming sci-fi action comedy, “Free Guy” is currently being screened globally with high scores!

Follow “Guy” and immerse yourself in the unconstrained game world, break the day after day of NPC, and experience the open life!

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