Fragments of “Godzilla vs. Kong” exposed film


Godzilla vs. Kong reveals footage of the feature film, two monsters are fighting fiercely at sea.

On March 26, the Hollywood monster disaster film “Godzilla vs. Kong” released a Chinese style and ink version of the poster and the “Sea Battle” feature film.

The poster depicts the domineering and heroic figures of the two monsters Godzilla and Kong with a unique Chinese brushwork, bursting with blood and energy.

The high-energy exposure of the “Sea Fierce Battle” segment, Godzilla leaped on the sea and attacked Kong. The giant beasts fisted hard, and even more breathed stunts appeared, and the battle started fiercely.

The film was officially released on March 26.

The strongest assembly! “Monster Universe” two kings contend for hegemony in the century

As the strongest chapter in the fourth part of the “Monster Universe” series, “Godzilla vs. Kong” gathers the two most popular and powerful “top-level” in the monster world, Godzilla and Kong. It is said that “the showdown of the century” is not to be missed in one’s lifetime.

The fierce battle in the same frame between the kings has aroused everyone’s expectations.

Godzilla, who was once a human partner, smelled the aura of a powerful enemy, full of anger and raging attack!

Kong has grown from his youth in “Kong: Skull Island” to a height of 102 meters, which is comparable to the 120-meter Godzilla.

And its newly acquired mysterious scepter is bound to unlock more powerful combat power. Who can win the king of hegemony?

In the previously exposed trailer, the fierce battle between the two behemoths is fierce and extraordinary. Godzilla and Kong have used their housekeeping skills to fully face their strongest opponents!

In the First Battle at Sea, Kong played his physical agility on the ship, attacked with hard punches, and landed heavily on Godzilla’s head.

Then Godzilla dived into the sea and burst out with a breath, forcing Kong to dodge in a hurry.

In the urban war, Kong climbed among the tall buildings and jumped from the sky in a surprise attack, which caught Godzilla by surprise.

In addition, its powerful scepter blocked the breath, smashing Godzilla’s spirit. Godzilla’s powerful collision regained a round and crushed Kong on the soles of his feet.

The battlefield of the two kings spans from the sea with a strong sense of apocalypse in the setting sun to the bustling city full of neon under the night scene, further refreshing the battlefield of the “Monster Universe” series, showing a magnificent and dazzling majestic momentum.

In addition to the spectacular battlefield, the film also presents a magnificent and magical world in the center of the earth, as well as more surprising mysterious characters.

In order to help Kong find his lost home, the human squad used multiple planes to open a giant net to transport Kong to the extreme cold and finally explore the wonders of the earth!

Kong ran in this strange area, where there is not only an anti-gravity zone with blue crystals floating, but also the mountains are separated between the heaven and the earth.

There are also many new strange beasts, some with bald heads, and some walking horizontally like crabs, which can be called the “Wonderful Creature Award” full of fun.

In addition to unlocking ancient legends about monsters in this geocentric exploration, there is also a mysterious appearance of “heavy machinery”.

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The full metal skeleton and the red rays triggered by the eyes, the combat power is unknown, or it will directly affect the direction of the battle!

More freshly set expansions will add suspense to the film.

Shake the world! Cinema decompression look and feel refreshing the ultimate experience

As the first Hollywood blockbuster must-see on the big screen in 2021, “Godzilla vs. Kong” is undoubtedly the decompression blockbuster that has been the most valuable theater experience in recent years.

Looking at the big monster on the big screen, you can experience the violent impact of a behemoth in hand-to-hand combat to the greatest extent.

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The rich expressions and fine hairs of the giant beasts can also be seen, which greatly enhances the immersive perception.

In high-burning moments such as Monster City and naval battles, the all-round surround sound in the theater can also bring the seat resonance and the ultimate refreshing feeling!

In addition, it is worth mentioning that the rich and diverse special format theaters can meet the needs of various audiences.

Whether you want to pursue a larger screen with a larger vision to watch the wonders of the earth, or pursue a brighter and brighter picture quality to capture every detail of the fierce battle, the film will bring the audience the most unique decompression experience.

Since the theater resumed work, “Godzilla vs. Kong” has become the first long-awaited Hollywood blockbuster to return, and audiences have long been waiting for the film’s release.

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With the IMDB opening score of 8.8, the freshness index of Rotten Tomatoes as high as 100% was announced.

The film has lived up to expectations and has won a lot of praise from media and audiences at home and abroad.

Some media spoke highly of the film, saying “The film is truly a blockbuster made for the big screen. The epic monster action and deafening sound effects in the theater will make the audience feel refreshed!”

There are even viewers who have watched the premiere have a passion for the film, saying “This is the coolest monster movie I have ever seen”, “Too high”, “Full of enthusiasm”, “It’s not enough to watch it again. I want to pick a bigger screen right away and do it again”!

Deep into the hearts of the people! Behemoth charm character set shows a different kind of tenderness

Behemoth not only has a tough side, but also shows many tender moments in the film.

Kong, the former patron saint of Skull Island, also assumed the responsibility of guarding in “Godzilla vs. Kong”.

Communicate with the little girl Jiya, the orphan of the Iwe people, the aboriginal people of Skull Island, through sign language, and created a unique bond of trust.

In the sunny base, Jiya dedicated his own pocket doll “Little Kong” to the behemoth.

In the rainstorm, the girl’s tiny fingers were facing the beast’s fingertips, soothing his uneasy emotions. And when Kong Zhan fell in front of the collapsed tall building, Jiya still insisted on encouraging Kong.

They are all tearful and moving moments in the film, showing a different side of the monster’s tough guy’s tenderness.

And between Godzilla and Kong, the pair of powerful enemies, the highly personal interaction also brought more emotional appeal to the battle.

The domineering demonstrations between monsters, the grievances and anger at the time of defeat, and the strategies and tactics during the battle made the image of the monster more deeply rooted in the hearts of the people and aroused the love of the audience.

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