“Euphoria Season 2” starring Spider-Man’s girlfriend Zendaya released the main character photo


The popular American drama “Euphoria Season 2”, which helped Zendaya win the 2020 Emmy Awards, recently exposed the main character stills and promotional photos.

“Euphoria Season 2” has been broadcast this morning, and HBO Max is now live.

Continued directing by Sam Levinson, starring Zandaya, Hunter Shafer, Cinda Adams, Cameron Alexander, Mod Apto, etc.

​​​Let’s take a look together.

The play is based on an Israeli drama and tells about the murder of a famous teenager outside a nightclub a year ago.

One year after the tragedy, other teenagers tried to escape reality through sex, violence, etc., in order to deal with the story of an uncertain future.

With quite stylized photography, soundtrack and large-scale controversial plot, it has gained considerable recognition.

Interested audiences can go to learn more about watching.

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