“Eternals” is “banned” in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, The State of Qatar and other countries


According to foreign media reports, the Marvel superhero movie “Eternals”, which will be released in the Middle East on November 11, has encountered some troubles.

Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, The State of Qatar, Bahrain, Oman and other countries have cancelled the release schedule of “Eternals”.

"Eternals" is "banned" in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, The State of Qatar and other countries

The reason is that there is a homosexual plot in “Eternals” and a different description of the prophet, and Disney refuses to cut it.

“Eternals” tells about the emergence of a shocking team of superheroes in the current universe.

They are aliens, but they have lived on the earth for thousands of years and can be called eternal races.

But The Eternals has always hidden its identity.

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After the end of “Avengers 4: Endgame”, a sudden tragedy made these aliens stand up.

They will face a terrible race-the evil Deviants!

"Eternals" is "banned" in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, The State of Qatar and other countries

It is reported that a character in “Eternals” has a scene of kissing a same-sex partner, and homosexuality is illegal in many countries in the Gulf.

More importantly, there are different depictions of prophets and gods on earth in the film.

These descriptions are considered blasphemy in the aforementioned countries.

According to media reports, Gulf countries such as the UAE, Lebanon, and Egypt will show “Eternals”, but some intimate scenes will be deleted.

Hollywood movies often encounter similar things in the Middle East/Gulf region.

In 2017, Lebanon and Tunisia banned the release of “Wonder Woman” because the heroine Gal Gadot was once an Israeli soldier.

“Eternals” will be released in 14 markets including France, Italy, South Korea, Taiwan, and Hong Kong on November 3.

It got $7.6 million in the box office on its first day, which is better than the performance of “Shang-Chi” and “Black Widow” in the same period.

The release day of “Eternals” in North America is today.

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