Emma Stone confirms return to “Cruella” sequel


According to foreign media reports, actor Emma Stone confirmed to appear in the sequel to the Disney movie “Cruella” and continues to play the role of Cruella.

“Cruella” director Craig Gillespie and screenwriter Tony McNamara are expected to return.

It is worth mentioning that Scarlett Johansson was brought to court because of the simultaneous launch of “Black Widow” on Disney+, who believed that her share of income had been lost.

There are rumors that Emma Stone, Emily Blunt and other actresses who have recently collaborated with Disney are also considering suing Disney.

Now that Emma Stone has confirmed her role in the “Cruella” sequel, her relationship with Disney shouldn’t be deadlocked.

“Cruella” is adapted from a novel by Dodie Smith.

Emma Stone confirms return to "Cruella" sequel

The story is set in London in the punk rock era in the 1970s, telling the entrepreneurial history of this fur madman and devil.

At this time, Cruella hasn’t started skinning the dog to make a coat.

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The heroine played by Emma Stone in the film is named Estella. She is smart and creative, and she is determined to use her design talent to make herself famous.

She became good friends with two thieves who admired her taste for mischief.

Emma Stone confirms return to "Cruella" sequel

Estella’s fashion talent attracted the attention of Baroness (Emma Thompson).

The Baroness is a fashion legend, stylish and high class.

But the relationship between them will slowly allow Estella to discover her evil side and help her eventually become the noisy, fashionable, revengeful Cruella we are familiar with.

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