“Decision To Leave” word of mouth lifted, the media is full of praise


“Decision To Leave”, directed by Chan-wook Park, starring Wei Tang and Hae-il Park, has been lifted. Some media review excerpts:

"Decision To Leave" word of mouth lifted, the media is full of praise

Indiewire: Let Chan-wook Park turn a regular cop detective into the craziest romantic movie of the year. Not quite as operatic as his usual style, but with an exciting intricacy of its own (and lots of fun).

Deadline: It depends on whether you like the whole movie or the part, I’m the latter, is “Decision To Leave” as strong as some of Chan-wook Park’s other works? No. But the character building makes the film’s 2 hours and 18 minutes worth it from start to finish.

FirstShowing: Chan-wook Park’s best movie after ‘Oldeuboi’, more than a detective story solving a murder case, it’s a masterful, refined love story that will make your heart race, keep me guessing, make I held my breath and the ending made me want to cheer, awesome.

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UK ‘The Daily Telegraph’: Hypnotically complex double murder mystery with lots of rash ‘Vertigo‎’ tributes, Chan-wook Park makes you grapple with a lot of information without prompting you when exactly the plot will become clear , but he enjoyed it so much! The writing is gorgeous, Wei Tang’s performance is A+, and the ending scene is wonderful.

“The Saturday Paper”: It’s beautiful, it’s hard to understand, I’ll have to watch it again right away, it feels like maybe Chan-wook Park’s best movie.

“Variety”: Wrapped in a sly murder mystery is a masterful, stunning love story.

“The New York Times”: Chan-wook Park at his peak. What started out as a fast-paced, hilarious, hilarious cop movie turned into a finely crafted love story, with two characters unshackled because of each other, with Wei Tang delivering the best performance of his career. I was amazed.

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