Tom Hanks’ ‘A Man Called Otto‎’ hits $100 million worldwide box office

Box Office

Tom Hanks starring in the film ‘A Man Called Otto’ global box office of more than 100 million dollars, the film adapted from the Swedish king of fiction Fredrik Backman highly rated best-selling novel ‘A Man Called Ove’.

Tom Hanks' 'A Man Called Otto‎' hits $100 million worldwide box office | FMV6

The film, directed by Marc Forster (‘The Kite Runner’) and written by David Magee (‘Life of Pi’), opens in limited theaters in Los Angeles and New York on December 30, 2022, with a small Northern America release on January 6, 2023, and an expanded release beginning on January 13.

The film’s cumulative box office is currently over $100 million, with Northern America grossing $61.2 million.

The film tells the story of an old man named Otto in the death of his beloved wife gradually grumpy, daily supervision of the community’s unruly neighbors to comply with the order, thus offending many neighbors.

With a lively young family moving in next door, Otto feels warmth inside and regains hope for his life.

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