“Boston Strangler” cast team announced, all-star lineup is eye-catching


Matt Ruskin, the director who filmed “Crown Heights”, has a new film planned to be exposed.

It is understood that he will adapt the story of the infamous serial murderer “Boston Strangler” and make it into a movie.

Currently, the title of the film is set as “Boston Strangler”.

"Boston Strangler" cast team announced, all-star lineup is eye-catching

A few days ago, “Boston Strangler” exposed the cast.

Many stars including Carrie Coon, Alessandro Nivola, Chris Cooper, Keira Knightley and others will join the crew.

As for the producers, Kevin J. Walsh and Ridley Scott will escort “Boston Strangler”.

It can be said that this is an all-star team, whether it is the protagonist or the people behind the scenes, they are all first-line roles in the industry.

“Boston Strangler” is the most notorious murderer in American history.

"Boston Strangler" cast team announced, all-star lineup is eye-catching

From June 1962 to January 1964, in just one and a half years, 13 women were strangled to death by foreign bodies in the Boston area, and most of them had been sexually assaulted before death.

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Under the madness of the media, the people of Boston were caught in a great panic, and a cloud of fear hung over Boston.

Everyone lives a life of fear and fear, for fear that one day there may be a hand to strangle his throat.

"Boston Strangler" cast team announced, all-star lineup is eye-catching

People call this assassin “Boston Strangler”, and no one expected that the assassin would come out to confess guilt by himself. This person is Albert DeSalvo.

However, Albert DeSalvo’s conviction process is full of doubts, and until today there is no conclusion.

And this is also a famous judicial event in American history.

According to the producer’s plan, “Boston Strangler” will start shooting in Boston in December this year.

The release time of “Boston Strangler” is undetermined.

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