Ben Affleck’s new film began casting, Viola Davis and others will star


 A few days ago, Ben Affleck’s untitled biopic, opened the casting process. It is reported that Viola Davis, Chris Messina, Jason Bateman, Marlon Wayans, Matthew Maher, Chris Tucker and others will join the cast.

Ben Affleck’s biopic will depict the life story of Sonny Vaccaro, a famous basketball scout.

Sonny Vaccaro is known as the godfather of high school and college basketball in the United States, having worked for Nike, Adidas, Reebok and other well-known sports companies, he has personally unearthed many talented players. He has also signed a number of superstars for these sports equipment giants.


It was Sonny Vaccaro who convinced Nike executives to invest $25 million in Michael Jordan when he worked at Nike in 1984. As Jordan became a “god” on the basketball court, Nike went from being a small, remote studio in Oregon to a giant in the sports business.

Since then, Sonny Vaccaro has also tapped Maddy and Kobe from high school, and in 2003, he recommended LeBron James to Adi.

Adi executives were hesitant at the time, leading Nike to preempt LeBron James by signing him for $90 million.

The film is currently in the early stages of preparation, not yet scheduled.

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