Asghar Farhadi responds to ‘A Hero’ allegations of plagiarism


Asghar Farhadi, the main competition judge of this year’s Cannes Film Festival, responded to the allegations of plagiarism in his film “A Hero” at the Cannes jury conference.

Previously, one of Farhadi’s students accused “A Hero” of plagiarizing her documentary film “All Winners All Losers”, and if not convicted, the schoolgirl will be jailed and whipped.

The latest, Farhadi responded at the press conference: Since being accused of plagiarism, he has never made a statement on this issue in public. This is the first time he has spoken out.

He said: Most previous media reports on this incident were inaccurate, but they have been corrected.

In his defense, Farhadi said he set up his own workshops to share information on filmmaking with his students, “The documentary against my students and the film I made were from the same real event two years before the studio was established. “

Asghar Farhadi responds to 'A Hero' allegations of plagiarism

He believes that for this subject, there is no issue of copyright, and each work can have its own way of expression: “‘A Hero’ is a free expression of this event, like that student’s documentary, which does not involve Author copyright issues. . . . When an event occurs and is reported by the media, it is a public resource.”

Farhadi stressed that the verdict previously reported by the newspapers was wrong, as the case has not been formally filed and is currently under investigation by religious authorities, who only think there may be a trial.

He said that in the whole case, if there are specialized copyright experts involved, it should be easy to decide whether the accusation can be established.

Asghar Farhadi responds to 'A Hero' allegations of plagiarism

Farhadi also revealed: “Because of the work this student has done in the documentary, I suggested putting her name in the subtitles to eliminate the argument, but she refused, she wanted me to label at the beginning of the film, the film is According to her documentary filming, there is also a financial request to share all the film revenue, of course, the French producer will not accept it at all. Today, I hope that the error of the previous report will be corrected, because there is currently no Entering the trial process, all kinds of reports about the trial and punishment have come out.”

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