“Aquaman 2” title first exposed: Aquaman and the lost kingdom


Deal! “Aquaman 2” title first exposed: Aquaman and the lost kingdom.

On June 11th, local time, “Aquaman 2” held a production meeting.

At the meeting, the film director Ziren Wen announced the official title of “Aquaman 2” to people in the form of PPT.

Deal! "Aquaman 2" title first exposed: Aquaman and the lost kingdom.

In the end, this DC’s much-watched film was named “Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom”.

In the sequel, Jason Momoa, played by “Aquaman” Arthur Curry, and Amber Heard, played by Mera, return.

Patrick Wilson also continued to play Ocean Master: Yahya Abdul-Mateen II played Black Manta.

In “Game of Thrones,” Baron’s eldest brother, Piru Esbeck, who plays the captain of the Serenity Euron Greyjoy, is also negotiating to join the film and play an important role.

Currently, this sequel is co-produced by Ziren Wen and Peter Safran and completed the production together.

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The screenwriter of the previous film, David Leslie Johnson-McGoldrick, also returned to the sequel and served as the screenwriter of “Aquaman 2”.

The film is expected to officially start shooting around July this year.

In the DC universe, Sea King is the king of Atlantis and is in charge of the Seven Seas.

Its weapon is a trident that can control the power of the sea and set off wind and waves.

In the story, Aquaman, Superman, Batman and others founded the Justice League and became one of the seven founders of the Justice League.

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“Aquaman” is significantly different from previous DC films.

Some foreign media commented that Ziren Wen brought color into the DC universe. From then on, Schneider’s “darkness” is no longer the only style that rules the entire DC universe.

And this change in the DC Universe seems to give it the possibility of being able to compete with the Marvel Universe.

Currently, DC and Warner are actively developing “Aquaman 2”.

According to the plan, the film is scheduled to be released on December 16, 2022.

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