Animated”PROMARE” will be released tomorrow


Japanese animated film “PROMARE” will be released tomorrow, revealing eight highlights of the film

Directed by Hiroyuki Imaishi and produced by musician Hiroyuki Sawano, the Japanese animated film “PROMARE” will officially land on the Chinese mainland theaters tomorrow (June 5) in the enthusiastic expectation of domestic fans.

When the film was released in Japan, it has been well received, and it has always enjoyed a high reputation. The audiences who have watched the film directly called “Burning”.

Today, the official release of a three-minute feature film is the famous scene where the soul characters of the film Galo and Lio met for the first time, operating the silky and igniting mecha fighting, revealing the highlights of this early summer hot-blooded anime.

Aspect 1: Both the enemy and the friend, the two male protagonists are full of bonds

The story of PROMARE revolves around two teenagers.

Against the backdrop of an overhead world plagued by fires, the rookie firefighter Galo and the wanted arsonist Lio become destined opponents.

In this way, good and evil are facing each other, but two people with cold and hot personalities collide with strong sparks in the process of searching for the truth of the world’s fire.

They eventually became trustworthy comrades in each other’s battles, and started a battle to shake the earth side by side in order to protect each other’s beliefs.

Aspect 2: The plot has multiple reversals and the plot is extremely tense

The two camps, which were originally righteous and evil, have undergone unexpected reversals as the story develops.

The truth and the biggest behind-the-scenes man has always been hidden, but the seeming crime has hidden secrets. Multiple reversals and deepening suspense make the story more exciting and exciting.

Aspect 3: Burning to the enthusiasm of the collection

Most of the classic or dark-horse animations carry hot-blooded labels, and Japanese anime is especially known for this genre.

They either grow up through monsters, fight through mechas, or save the world through plot stories such as blood and excitement. “PROMARE” is undoubtedly the master of these elements.

Whether it’s a kind of refreshing close combat, sparkling mecha battles, or desperate courage to save the world, the turbulent young friendship.

These elements are all integrated in “PROMARE”, and the passion is interpreted to the extreme. A collision between teenagers and teenagers, teenagers and the soul of the world, burns enough to make the audience excited in the theater.

Aspect 4: Genius use of color, visually shocking the senses

In addition to the tension at the storyline level, the color of the picture in “PROMARE” is undoubtedly a highlight.

Bright and bright images with high saturation, colorful and brilliant colors, a wide range of geometrical color blocks, but not messy, stylish and full of a sense of future technology.

Director Hiroyuki Imaishi also strives to use color applications that are different from traditional animation colors in animation.

He successfully controlled these colorful colors in the picture, and finally presented a visual effect that complemented the worldview and plot.

Aspect 5: Exciting action scenes, immersive sensory impact

In addition, “PROMARE” also gives people a strong audiovisual enjoyment in terms of visual perception.

Mecha battles and man-machine battles are dizzying. The battle range extends from land to air, and even spreads to the entire earth, from the surface of the earth to the depths of the earth’s core, burning to the extreme from all angles.

First-class level of shooting skills, with colorful and eye-catching colors, and magnificent music blessings.

Not only makes the battle scene more magnificent and more impactful, but also allows the audience to experience the hearty excitement of every battle.

Aspect 6: All-star dubbing lineup, popularity and strength double guarantee

The dubbing lineup of “PROMARE” can be described as a double guarantee of popularity and professionalism.

The dubbing of the three main characters in the film also invited popular Japanese actors Kenichi Matsuyama, Taichi Saotome and Sakai Masato to give their voices.

The three actors with excellent acting skills have all had performance experience in the previous works of screenwriter Kazuki Nakashima. This time they did not disappoint the audience and gave a wonderful performance in “Promare”.

Only relying on the interpretation of the voice has injected a flesh and blood soul into the role. The three non-professional voice actors have won the praise of professionals and also won the recognition of the audience.

Aspect 7: Japanese animation dream team teamed up to create an audio-visual feast

Speaking of the behind-the-scenes creative team of “PROMARE”, it can be called the “dream team” of Japanese animation.

Animation director Hiroyuki Imaishi has been working on characteristic exaggerated paintings, dynamic and smooth burning battles, and imaginative story unfolding. Japan has an unusual position in the animation industry.

His popular masterpieces “Tengen Toppa Gurren-Lagann” and “KILL la KILL” are classics in the minds of countless two-dimensional animation fans.

It is worth mentioning that both of these works were completed in collaboration with “PROMARE” screenwriter Nakajima Kazuki.

The part of the animation music is also required to be responsible for the great god Sawano Hiroyuki.

It is a soundtrack created by well-known animations such as “Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn” and “Attack on Titan”, which perfectly complements the picture and brings emotions such as touch and excitement to the peak.

The powerful combination of these three creators with burning genes has made “PROMARE” a strong mark in the history of animation.

Aspect 8: Super high evaluation, audiences are constantly attracted

“PROMARE” has been released successively in Japan, North America, Taiwan, and Hong Kong, and has gained a good reputation and box office.

There are even a lot of enthusiastic viewers watching it repeatedly.

Audiences who have watched the movie have made a super high evaluation of “Promare” in terms of painting style, action design, story development, character setting, etc., describing it as passionate and romantic, and the soul is boiling.

Enthusiastic audiences even spontaneously create fan works on the major social networks Amway, rushing to make tap water to attract more audiences into the theater. What is the charm of such an animated movie?

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